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Winter thermal insulation technology of artificial subsurface flow wetland

  Special insulation material for constructed wetland (Patent No. : ZL200610107078).9) Winter strengthening technology is mixed with wetland plants to give full play to the functions of internal insulation of constructed wetlands and the growth of cold-resistant wetland plants, so as to greatly improve the purification effect of constructed wetlands in winter and break through the technical bottleneck of unstable operation of constructed wetlands in winter in northern China。Compared with conventional wetlands, the removal rates of CODCr, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in winter are increased by 28%, 25%, 19% and 8%, respectively, to ensure stable operation throughout the year, and achieve stable effluent quality throughout the year better than the surface water Class VI standard。
  The design and operation parameters of the constructed wetland technology system adapted to the climate change in the vast area of north China are studied。The constructed wetland system should consist of three parts: wetland plant treatment system, wetland structure system, and biofilm system (after inocular agent injection)。Thus the constructed wetland can form a complete ecosystem。More scientific, systematic and usable。At the same time, the overwintering problem is solved, and the technical system of constructed wetland is perfected and mature in our country。