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Technical solution consulting

  1. The content of technical consultation is extensive。The content of technical consultation includes project feasibility study, benefit analysis, engineering design, construction, supervision, monitoring and appraisal, equipment ordering, completion acceptance and so on。
  2, technical consultation is conducive to countries with backward technology to find more cost-effective technology。Some countries with relatively backward technology, due to the lack of scientific and technological strength or lack of experience in solving certain technical issues, hire foreign engineering consulting companies to provide consulting services, can avoid detdetments or waste of funds。This is because consulting companies have a wealth of knowledge, experience and technical information, can help the entrusting party to choose the appropriate technology, find a reliable technology transferor, with a more reasonable price to buy better quality machinery and equipment。The consultancy fees paid by the client for the technical advice were far outweighed by the savings resulting from the advice, so the technical advice was still, on balance, beneficial to the client。