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Yuzhou Shiliang River wetland project


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  Construction site: Located at the intersection of Baishui River and Nameless River, Yuzhou City, Henan Province
  Processing scale:12000吨/天
  Influent quality: COD≤40mg/L, BOD≤10mg/L, ammonia nitrogen =2.0mg/L,TP=0.4mg/L, pH=7
  Effluent quality: Meet the requirements of "Surface water Environmental Quality Standard" (GB3838-2002) surface water class III water body :COD≤20mg/L, BOD≤4mg/L, ammonia nitrogen =1.0mg/L,pH=6-9
  Process flow
  River water -- water intake -- water pipeline -- pretreatment pond -- underflow wetland -- effluent (Baishui River)
  The Baishui River water flows into the pre-treatment pond (sedimentation pond) through the water intake, and the sediment in the river is deposited and distributed from the overflow weir to the subsurface flow constructed wetland。A total of 1 subsurface flow wetland, divided into 2 groups, each group area of 6300m2With a total area of 12600m2。After being treated by the subsurface flow wetland, the water from the triangular weir is discharged into the Shiliang River。
  Through the construction of wetlands to improve the water quality of Shiliang River and its tributaries Nihe River and Baishui River, to restore the ecological function of Shiliang River as the upper reaches in Yuzhou, so as to improve the ecological environment quality of Shiliang River basin。Integrate wetland construction with river ecological restoration, water landscape construction, flood control projects, etc., highlight the characteristics of the integration of fields, water and cities in the Shiliang River basin, create a green ecological corridor of the Shiliang River in Yuzhou City, and improve the urban and rural environment around the basin。