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Environmental operation

  Environmental management means that enterprises regard environment as a new element of business strategy,Environmental protection activities as an important aspect of business activities and operations management,The strategy corresponding to environmental issues in procurement, development, design, manufacturing, waste management, etc., will be gradually concretized,In order to reduce and minimize the environmental load caused by water, energy, raw materials, chemicals, etc. invested in business activities。
  Environmental management is the management and operation of the organization on environmental issues, which is a comprehensive, integral and strategic concept.Environmental management generally refers to EMS and ISO14001 project environmental management, mainly reflected in the technical level。
  Environmental management in the 21st century aims at the sustainable development of society and enterprises,Will respond to broader environmental issues,As an important strategic element of the enterprise,The concept and technology of environmental protection will be permeated in all aspects of the organization of production and business activities and social activities,Seek comprehensive and thorough reduction of environmental load;Through a variety of innovative activities centered on environmental friendliness,Promote the growth of organizational capacity, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, and realize the creation of enterprise value,To contribute to the improvement of the quality of social life and undertake corporate social responsibility。