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Patented technology

  A patent specification is a patent document, which is an official document or publication containing a title page, a claim, a specification and other components to describe the content of the invention and the scope of patent protection。
  The title page in the patent specification is the part of the document that reveals the basic information about each patent。The basic patent information revealed on the title page includes: the time of the patent application, the number of the application, the applicant or the patentee, the inventor, the name of the invention, a brief introduction to the invention and the main drawing (mechanical drawing, circuit diagram, chemical structure formula, if any), the classification number of the technical field to which the invention belongs, the time of publication or authorization, the document number, and the national agency that published the patent document。
  A claim is the part of a patent document that defines the scope of patent protection。There is at least one independent claim in the claim, and there may be subordinate claims。
  The specification is the part of the document that clearly and completely describes the technical content of the invention, and the drawings are used to supplement the text of the specification。The regulations on the description of the invention in the specification are generally the same in various countries. Taking the Chinese patent specification as an example, the specification part includes: technical field, background technology, invention content, illustrations, embodiments, etc。
  Some institutions publish patent specifications with search reports。The search report is a kind of document that the patent examiner displays the search results to the patent applicant and the public by searching the prior art of the invention and creation involved in the patent application, finding the documents that can be compared with the patentability。The patent documents with the search report are the application specification, that is, the patent documents that have not been examined and have not been granted patent rights。Search reports are published in tabular form。