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Company introduction

  Henan Qiyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009。Mainly engaged in domestic sewage, garbage, industrial wastewater, air, soil, solid waste treatment;Technical development and technical consultation of environmental protection products and sewage purification;Environmental protection engineering design and construction;Environmental protection, mechanical and electrical equipment, building materials sales, etc。It is a comprehensive entity integrating scientific research, production, consulting services, and promotion and application of emerging technologies。
  The company currently has 120 engineering and technical personnel。Among them: senior engineers accounted for 15%, engineers accounted for 37%, environmental protection engineering, water supply and drainage, structure, electrical, construction and other professional construction engineers 20, all kinds of financial, investment, finance, consulting professionals 20。At the same time, it has signed a number of strategic cooperation agreements with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, covering all kinds of environmental protection majors, and has strong technical strength。
  On the basis of learning from domestic and foreign microbial sewage treatment technology, the company uses its own advantages and efficient microbial flora to quickly form a network in the wetland, that is, the biofilm theory and application method, after years of research and development and experiments, invented the "Northern Constructed wetland system Technology", and won the national invention patent。It has been successfully applied in various industrial wastewater, urban sewage, difficult organic wastewater, garbage and other comprehensive treatment projects。This technology has been well used and promoted, and has obtained obvious social and economic benefits。
  Since the establishment of the company's environmental protection comprehensive service experience, so that we in the competition to scientific research, development, governance as the basis, and strive to serve the enterprise as the purpose, the pursuit of engineering investment and operation cost reduction, enterprise economic and social benefits, to create a well-known brand of environmental protection industry。Protect and improve the environment, safeguard people's health, promote sustainable economic development, and contribute to the well-being of the people。
  The efforts of the company for many years are only for one vision: to create a green and harmonious home for the society!Create nature, benefit the future!